Shtandart-See you next time
The crew on board Found-the rum finally
Dutch Pirates are coming to Enkhuizen
Dutch Pirates on board
Found the rum - finally
JackieBlack (Bonny) Rose Johnny Sacrifice1st Coxswain Roberto Young Will Turner j.r.Captain Teague
Jackie Black (Bonny) Rose
Johnny Sacrifice 1st Coxswain Roberto
Young Will TurnerCaptain Teague
Teague-&-Roberto Young-Jackie-&-Young-Turner Roberto-&-Johnny
Teague &Roberto
Young Jackie & Young Will Turner
Roberto &Johnny
We got the rumThe crew Young-Jackie-and Young TurnerJohnny serves the canon The crewJackie becomes Captain Jack Sparrow
We get the rum The crew
Young Jackie and Will Johnny serves the canon
The crew Jackie becomes Captain Sparrow
? ? ? Rum ??? Aye!Close the door Higher and higherShtandart Enkhuizen 2017
? ? ? Rum ???
AYE ! Close the door?
Higher and higher Shtandart Enkhuizen 2017