Beatrice Eugenie Parley(*) Teague, beloved great grandmother of
Captain Dark Jack T.
Hernando Alvaro Ruy de Almagro, an obscure Spanish conquistador friend of someone called Cortez
We called her "Bep"
They called him "Har" (*)
She nicked the treasure and the ship of Hernando Alvaro Ruy de Almagro
His gorgeous ship was loaded with the most beautiful white pearls. Until he met Bep
(* The French probably have their verb “parler” from here)
(* Pirates probably shout "ARGHH" ever since)
The story of Beatrice Eugenie "Parley" Teague and Hernando Alvaro Ruy and how it came to the White Pearl
A long time ago Beatrice Eugenie Parley Teague and Hernando Alvaro Ruy de Almagro met during a fight at sea that endend in
victory of Beatrice. She nicked Hernando's ship without significant damage.
His ship was built with the most expensive and long-lasting wood from Brazil, very strong and almost indestructible.
Inside Hernando's Cabin she found a considerable amount of beautiful white pearls.
Hernando was allowed to sign away his ship with everything on board while keeping his live by being banished on a
desert island, together with his crew.
(very unusual at that time)
Hernando’s crew already was gone. After a few hours of parley in a secret cabin on board the contract was signed.
This memorable moment of the deal was confirmed with a good sip of rum, but ..........
Unfortunately it was heavily poisoned, leaving the two as petrified. Hernando probably shout "Arghhh" for the last time.
The memorable moment of the deal between Beatrice Eugenie Parley T. and Hernando Alvaro Ruy de Almagro
The memorable moment of the deal between Beatrice Eugenie Parley and Hernando Alvaro Ruy
as dicovered by the ship's boy a few months later
A few months later, the ship's boy comes back on board, makes some light in all cabins
and found these two at the memorable moment but in a very bad condition.
He put them overboard, takes the contract and leave the ship. He leaves the pearls in the secret cabin
On the back of the contract he made a map with the location of the ship to return later for the treasure .....
..... but he never returned to the ship.
Much later, as an old man ashore he was drunk in a pub, babbling about his earlier adventures.
And so it could happen that Captain Dark Jack T. - a pirate, relative of Beatrice and the rightful heir,
got the contract, the ship and the treasure .......... for a bottle of rum.
He found the ship and the treasure and called her "White Pearl”
The WHITE PEARL has been sailing with pirates ever since!
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