Whistling_Liza-White Pearl-Looks easy if cleaning her sword
"Doc" White Pearl- Sharp eye's & skilly hands Anne-1st Constable White Pearl Black (Bonny) Rose 2nd 1st Constable White Pearl-cSweet, dangerous or both-copyright: Lux Homini Johnny Sacrifice-1st mate White Pearl-founder Dutch Pirates Captain Jack- best Caribean Pirate, lost his ship
Whistling Liza
Black (Bonny) Rose
Johnny Sacrifice
Captain Jack
Looks easy cleaning her sword
Sharp eye's & skilly hands
1st Constable White Pearl
Sweet, dangerous or both
1st mate White Pearl (founder)
Lost his ship, therefore
Pirate White Pearl
Doc of the White Pearl
2nd 1st Constable White Pearl
Of course a Pirate
sometimes aboard White Pearl
Grace O'Malley- Irish Chieftain & Pirate Lady Miss Petronell, Innkeeper, Priest, Always cares voor kids Captain Dark Jack T. Armando S. NOT a Pirate! (Lady) Guinevere de Rousseau-Always a Pirate-founder Dutch Pirates Roberto-1st Mate White Pearl and founder Dutch Pirates
Grace O'Malley
Miss Petronell
Captain Dark Jack T.
Armando S.
Guinevere de Rousseau
Irish Chieftain & Pirate Lady
Innkeeper & Priest
Captain of the White Pearl
Dangerous ! for Pirates !
Bar & frigate owner (founder)
1st mate White Pearl (founder)
© LeBlanc Design
Always cares for kids
© Lisette Slagter 2019
Of course not a Pirate
© Kings Productions
(2nd shift)
Lady J. Mad Eye - Chief Bosun White Pearl Twin of Robin, Ruby of the 7 seas- Pirate The Navigator of the White Pearl and Pirate Thomas "Raven" Murphy, Captain of the "Desperado" Baldric J. Frost, Boatswain of the "Desperado" copyright Flip v.d.Meer
Fiddles, Just Music form the "Desperado" and of course Pirate
Lady J. Mad Eye
Robin Scar (twin of Robin)
The Navigator
Thomas "Raven" Murphy
Baldric J. Frost
"Look out! Chevalle"
"Ruby of the 7 Seas"
Looking to the stars & sun
Captain of the Desperado
Boatswain of the Desperado
Just Music from the Desperado
Chief Bosun White Pearl
Of course a Pirate
Navigator White Pearl
Of course a Pirate
Of course a Pirate
Of course a Pirate
(and Pirate)
(Of course a Pirate)
© Flip van der Meer
Sometimes aboard White Pearl
Sometimes aboard White Pearl
Catherine Kitty Hagerty-Pirate of the Desperado William el Corsario-Pirate White Pearl- copyrijght Joop Claveaux Mary Mutiny-Dressed like a man but be carefull ! Pirate of the White Pearl Blackbeard - sometimes aboard White Pearl Indigo de Mora- Cartographer White Pearl and Pirate-copyright Arie Jonkers Real Caribbean Mermaid Brandy - Merfolk-copyright Brandy
Catherine "Kitty" Hagerty
William el Corsario
Mary Mutiny
Indigo de Mora
Spanish Pirate
Dressed like a man, a rebel
YES ~ He is back !
Cartographer White Pearl
Real Mermaid
Sometimes aboard White Pearl
Pirate White Pearl
Pirate White Pearl
Sometimes aboard White Pearl
© Arie Jonkers
Sometimes aboard White Pearl
Colette, Maskmakers , sometimes aboard White Pearl
Stale Mutton, Chief Cook aboard White Pearl
Mermaid Lady Ariedian copyright Joop Claveaux
Captain Mad Drake, sometimes aboard White Pearl
Lady Petronell, Priest & Pirate, keeps fighting aboard White Pearl Mouser, she is good with little beasties
Stale Mutton
Lady Ariedian
Captain (Mad) Drake
Lady Petronell
The Maskmaker's Doughter
Chief Cook White Pearl
Real Mermaid
A Pirate
Keeps fighting
She is good with little beasties
(he wastes nothing)
© Joop Claveaux
sometimes aboard White Pearl
Priest & Pirate White Pearl
Rose "Ginger" Morgan-Pirate Desperado
Madame Blanche, Innkeeper and Pirate
Captain Teague, former Captain of the White Pearl
Real Mermaid BiBi
Young Jackie (Later on Captain Jack Sparrow)
Rose "Ginger" Morgan
Kimmi Pearls
Captain E. Teague
Fabian Chevalier
Young Jackie
Pirate Desperado
Innkeeper and Pirate
(Former Captain White Pearl)
Real Mermaid
he lost his horse - now pirate
(Later on Capt. Jack Sparrow)
sometimes aboard White Pearl
sometimes aboard White Pearl
Piedro D'Artagnan, master storyteller and writer Young Will Turner-sometimes aboard White Pearl Syrena Merfolk Amphitrite, Merfolk Max, The Maskmaker's relative Mermaid Chrissie
Piedro D'Artagnan
Young Will
Master Storyteller
Unknown future for now
Mermaid & Poseidon's Doughter
Mermaid & Syrena's Mother
Another Maskmaker
Real Mermaid
sometimes aboard White Pearl
Once a year aboard White Pearl
She is "Merfolk"
She is "Merfolk"
© Baron Samedi
© Lux Homini
Dionysus, former keeper of the wine, now rum Lorenzo, Former Earl of Pembroke Mertle Hornswag - Ocean Gypsy El Diablo, Devil of the seven seas, Pirate Young Armando S. NOT a Pirate, savvy Sir Micgael, Former Nobility
Quartermaster John
Mertle Hornswag
El Diablo
Armando junior
Sir Michael
of Pembroke
Former Earl of Pembroke
Ocean Gypsy
Devil of the seven seas, Pirate
Again a Pirate, Savvy
Former Nobility
sometimes aboard White Pearl
sometimes aboard White Pearl
sometimes aboard White Pearl
aboard White Pearl
sometimes aboard White Pearl
The Extraordinary of Pirate Ladies Beatrice Eugenie Parley, Beloved greatgrandmother of Captain Dark Jack called Bep Dark Lady Captain Jack the Elder, the first Teague known, grandfather of Dark Jack Jack the Elders' Doughter, Keeper of a dead man's list, Once a year on the Batavia Hernado Alvaro Ruy, they called him 'Har", is that "ARGHH" ever since?
Beatrice Eugenie Parley
The Dark Lady
Captain Jack the Elder
Jack the Elder's Doughter
Hernando Alvaro Ruy
Beloved greatgrandmother of
Nobody knows whatever about
The first Teague known
Keeper of a dead man's list
they called him 'Har"
Dark Jack calls her "Bep"
Pretty scary about White Pearl
Grandfather of Dark Jack
Once a year on the Batavia
is that "ARGHH" ever since?
Canoneer Lux Homini , Bildermacher & Chroniker
Canoneer Keystone
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©Ruud de Korte, © Peter Wieberneit, ©Flip van der Meer, ©Lisette Slagter
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Robin Scar.
Canoneer Keystone
of the White Pearl
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